Tuesday, November 18, 2014

"My First Cheeseburger"

You were sitting there, in front of me
Perfectly still and silent
A feeling of confidence could be felt that was so strong
I couldn't help but look away.

I must confess;
When I first laid eyes on you,
I was anything but impressed
You were sloppy, seemed to be simply thrown together
Without a care
Yet you were so confident
And to this day I am still in awe how much your confidence drew me to you

Hesitantly, I leaned forward
Oh, we were so close
I studied your frills-
So beautiful, so perfectly arranged
You were practically glowing
Thick and soft
I couldn't help but go for you

You were delicious
I can still taste you
Though many days have passed
You gave me hope
Hope that there are still good cheeseburgers in this world
And I thank you for that.

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