Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Dual Narration
I was brutal. I am powerful. I was vicious. I am strong. I was evil. I am victorious.
I am writing to you to finally vent my sorrow and guilt. Just thinking about my past and all of the horrible things I did. I was malicious. I was satanic-minded. I don’t know what I was thinking. I must have found it fun to kill off those innocent people. I will forever feel the pain I put them through. I am amazed I was able to live all these years without ending my own life.
I love my job. Simple as that. I feel comfortable knowing that those horrid, disgusting excuses of the human race are dying. I am making the world a better place. I hate everyone that isn’t one of us. They don’t deserve to live, those filthy pigs are a waste of life and need to be exterminated immediately.
I wish I could change my past. I wish this would last forever. I relive every memory every single day. These are the days I will smile back at when I am old. I will never forget what I did. I will never forget what I did.

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