Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Sonnet- Underwater

The surface above me
It shines like a mirror
I look up to see
And it all becomes clearer
The currents silently sway
I'm trapped in a cell
I try to get away but
I'm stuck at the bottom of a wishing well
As of this point
I've run out of air
And all of my joints
Ache everywhere
I rush to the surface only to realize,
It was all in my head, my thoughts demonized
"My First Cheeseburger"

You were sitting there, in front of me
Perfectly still and silent
A feeling of confidence could be felt that was so strong
I couldn't help but look away.

I must confess;
When I first laid eyes on you,
I was anything but impressed
You were sloppy, seemed to be simply thrown together
Without a care
Yet you were so confident
And to this day I am still in awe how much your confidence drew me to you

Hesitantly, I leaned forward
Oh, we were so close
I studied your frills-
So beautiful, so perfectly arranged
You were practically glowing
Thick and soft
I couldn't help but go for you

You were delicious
I can still taste you
Though many days have passed
You gave me hope
Hope that there are still good cheeseburgers in this world
And I thank you for that.

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Dear McDonalds of Norton-
Though I will not reveal my name to you, I would like to make it aware that I am a Norton resident and student athlete who is very involved in my training and education. I train daily, and usually head home around seven thirty. The only thing that gets me through the three and a half hours of exercise is the thought of a beautiful M&M McFlurry. After a long, excruciating practice, the last thing I want to here when I pull up to the drive-thru is that your god damn ice cream machine is temporarily not working, and all this crap about how sorry you are for the inconvenience. This has happened eight out of the ten last times I went to get an ice cream, I would like to point out that these trips were completely on random occasions. I understand that your restaurant is a popular stop for many people, but if you would like to keep me as being your customer, I suggest you either get a new machine or stop having the idiots of your business keep breaking the stupid machine.
Get your freaking machine fixed

The water supports me. I float along the surface day after day after day. I am made to serve a single purpose, to separate the water into equal lanes. The number doesn’t matter- I’ve done six, eight, ten, no difference. Those people, they pull on me, break me. They use me to cheat. They use me to their benefit. I cannot do anything about it other than sit there and float like the helpless chain of plastic I am. I become lose over time between the currents and the people. If only the role I am made to play wasn't so rough.
Dual Narration
I was brutal. I am powerful. I was vicious. I am strong. I was evil. I am victorious.
I am writing to you to finally vent my sorrow and guilt. Just thinking about my past and all of the horrible things I did. I was malicious. I was satanic-minded. I don’t know what I was thinking. I must have found it fun to kill off those innocent people. I will forever feel the pain I put them through. I am amazed I was able to live all these years without ending my own life.
I love my job. Simple as that. I feel comfortable knowing that those horrid, disgusting excuses of the human race are dying. I am making the world a better place. I hate everyone that isn’t one of us. They don’t deserve to live, those filthy pigs are a waste of life and need to be exterminated immediately.
I wish I could change my past. I wish this would last forever. I relive every memory every single day. These are the days I will smile back at when I am old. I will never forget what I did. I will never forget what I did.